Our main objective is to give a global advice service in real estate



The main objective is to give a global advice service to owners that want to market their properties as well as to clients that look for vacant office areas to install their headquarters, develop their expansion plans or to carry out their industrial or personal activity.

We offer for each type of asset are the following: Offices, Residential, Industrial, Hight Street, Land, Hotels …



The main objective is to fully manage a property development for investors.



Drawing up a Business Plan that includes realistic and achievable cash flows (including the incentives), a new plan (market study) to adapt the comercial mix to the demand of the Catchment area. To achieve a strong repositioning of the assets to make them attractive.
Also identify the needs of real estate assets to propose the necessary refurbishments to update the image of the building making it more attractive for both tenants and customers.
Represent the property before the property managers, the leasing agent and the on site management to ensure a proper implementation of the Business Plan



Offer a comprehensive consultancy aimed at obtaining the best value, to institutional investors, private equity, and planning individualized strategies for each type of customer.



Give a real valuation according to the market to real estate product in a concrete moment of the market.

–Analysis of the valuation of the property and of the real estate assets
–Specific assessments of the properties
–Viabilities studies
–Verification of the value (Due Diligence)


The objective is to make socioeconomic analysis and also offer analysis (direct competence) usually made according to the real estate use in a concrete geographic area.

–Situation studies: Market study of a real estate use at a national level in a concrete geographic area
–Specific studies: Market study of the influence area of one particular property
–Offer analysis

The final objective is to maximize the benefit and the optimization of the available resources.

–Search of financing and institutional and private partners
–Obtaining financing for real estate deals



The objective is to give the customer a comprehensive management advice and when moves his business to a new location, developing a plan for expansion or performance of an industrial.

Architecture Project:
- Drafting Basic Project and Execution
- Technical Installations Project

License Management:
- Application for necessary licenses
- Management of proceedings before the Public Administration

Contract Management:
- Network selection of contractors
- Preparation of Terms of Reference
- Provider Competition and Award

Execution of Works:
- Execution of Civil Works
- Implementation of facilities

Corporate Design:
- Interior Design
- Corporate Colors
- Floor and ceiling materials
- Decoration
- Brands

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