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We combine international track record experience and knowledge with profound financial strength to lead a global investment Group specializing in broad spectrum of real estate investments including yielding assets, high-end luxury concepts and renown leisure properties. TEN20 is a global investment group active internationally for the past years in real estate investments, dominantly specializing in high yield commercial real estate properties, real estate development and luxury life style and hospitality concepts.

We combine investments, international experience in various global markets with operational practices, formulating strategic real estate investments with strong know how of our business.


Our Group is a fully integrated real estate investment firm with strong financial capabilities and successful long term business relations with banks, financial institutions and intentional anchor tenants. Our core business includes acquisitions of real estate, creation of value add investments via leasing and managing income-producing properties in the segments of commerce, offices and luxury hospitality fields.

Our management team and professionals possess fundamental know-how, capacities and international experience enabling our group to take a leading role in the global markets and generate long term income producing investments with steady cash flows.

TEN20 enjoys excellent business relationships with banks, financial institutions, developers and international anchor tenants companies enabling our group to focus on very selective assets

TEN20 is legal registed company by LIC.AML:12938



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